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Please apply for one of our dogs ONLY if you are dedicated to making this a lifelong decision. While we understand that sometimes circumstances change in one's life, we want you to go into this with the full intent to keep a dog for the rest of it's life. Some of our dogs have been abandoned, lost, neglected, or abused and to only make a commitment for a month or a year is simply not fair to the dog. However, if you do adopt from us, you will sign a contract stating that the dog MUST be returned to us if you cannot keep it for any reason. We loved our dogs from the day we rescued them and will ALWAYS want them back.   

Our expenses can sometimes be high due to the type of dogs we rescue and the care that we give them. You may be adopting a dog that had been injured or had expensive care or surgeries performed and that cost must be absorbed somehow, therefore, we charge a reasonable fee based on the age and breed. We keep our dogs current on vaccines, heartworm preventative, dewormings and flea and tick and grooming, and all have been spayed or neutered and microchipped, all of which are expensive. Our fees can range from $225 for a smooth coated adult chihuahua, $300 for a chihuahua puppy or any long haired adult dog or wirehaired breed, and $375 for a non shedding adult breed such as a shihtzu, poodle, maltese, bichon, or mixes of non shedding breeds. We may charge more for young dogs or yorkies and ocassionally have rare expensive breeds like French bulldogs too. We also have some dogs which we offer for free or a nominal adoption fee, due to age, issues, or disability. Regardless of the fees charged, all dogs receive full vetting, grooming, and go home with the same packet of information, including 30 days of pet insurance, and a free follow up vet visit at any Banfield in the country.  

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