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At Peanut's Place, we believe that the right food can make all the difference in the world to the overall health and vitality of your pet, therefore, we only recommend feeding holistic dog food. After researching over 100 brands, we are currently only recommending one food that all Peanut’s Place dogs are eating and you will receive when you adopt from us.  Gentle Giants dog and puppy food comes in chicken, beef, or salmon in kibble.   It also comes in cans of chicken, turkey, or salmon.  It is non gmo organic and ethically sourced proteins from free range farms.  Gentle Giants has never had a recall and uses all USA ingredients with no additives, coatings, corn, wheat or soy.   This food was made specifically for longevity, and most dogs are living into their 20’s who have been raised on Gentle Giants. Old dogs become young again, as it has joint health, brain health and heart health in every bite. is the easiest, cheapest and fastest in delivery.  

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